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Are you are thinking of buying a new car and do you not know how to get rid of your old one? Then TuuTuuT will put you in touch with thousands of dealers who will give you an indication of a trade-in based on the information you have provided.

Free assessment/trade-in bid

After having completed the form, we will send your particulars to thousands of dealers in our network who will use this as a basis to make you a trade-in bid. The first value is an estimate of the market value because wear and tear, the engine, any shortcomings and additional accessories are sometimes not included in this calculation. You can directly contact the dealers after you have received the bids to further complete the possible trade-in.

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Special terms and conditions

(1) Our website provides users with the possibility of completing certain vehicle particulars, to then be given an assessment of their vehicle. The assessment is for information purposes only with regard to your vehicle’s possible selling price.
(2) The assessment through our dealers does not constitute a binding offer by Auto.Auto CVBA to buy, nor does it constitute a binding offer by the owner of the vehicle to sell.
(3) Purchase of a vehicle will only be considered after the vehicle has been inspected.
(4) Any assessment that is obtained or sent to the user by email will be based on the vehicle particulars entered by the user.